Senior Threat Researcher (f/m/x)

Our Story:

We’re an international software company at the forefront of imagining the future of digital security. Avira’s award-winning products and technology protect over 500 million users in the connected world.

What makes us special? First and foremost – it’s the authentic people at Avira.

We have a great community feeling that fosters your uniqueness and offers the space to reflect, the feedback to grow, and the freedom to innovate. If you are looking for a culture that also encourages aspiration and professional excellence get in touch with us and discover the Avira experience first-hand.

The Challenge:

In the quickly changing threat landscape, you will stay on top of new malware variants and improve our detection capabilities where needed. Rapidly changing methods by attackers will keep you busy learning about new technologies. With your deep insight into the malware functionality, you provide suggestions for improvements in order to strengthen our customer protection.

The Team:

In the Advanced Threat Research and Protection Systems team, we have 7 threat research experts that are hunting and investigating the latest malware samples. Where needed cutting edge technology will be developed, fight the latest methods the bad guys use to harm our customers. This team is THE place when it comes to infection forensics and the development of novel approaches to prevent infections and detect malware.

What you will do:

As a Threat Researcher in Advanced Threat Research and Protection Systems, you have in-depth knowledge of PE structures and windows malware. Using your experience in Threat Hunting you will use our vast metadata database to hunt for undetected 0day malware or false positives. With your findings, you will improve detections using various powerful systems like generic, behavior or yara rules, and train our code similarity detection framework. You will also be part of team discussions to debate on technical solutions needed to defeat current and future threats and choose the best ones that fit our goals.

If you want the outcome of your work to have a direct impact on making the Internet a safer place for 500 million Avira users please get in touch!

This job is based in Tettnang, Germany near Lake Constance (between Friedrichshafen, Ravensburg, and Lindau).


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