C/C++ Software Engineer - Core Protection Platform (f/m/x)

The Challenge

Building software in a modular way is key to success. At Avira we are building security software for end consumer but also offering our core protection technologies to OEM vendors. The Mission of this team is to build THE common platform to serve both worlds - your code will protect millions of Avira consumer customers but also the user bases of enterprises by e.g. scanning mail attachments in an ISP's back-end, web traffic on router systems or Apps on an Android device. This Protection Platform is meant to run on various operating systems offering the possibility to identify threats in all kinds of data.

The Team

You will be working in an agile development team of about 10 experienced developers located in Bucharest, Romania and Tettnang, Germany. You will report directly to the Manager of Core Protection Platform.

What you will do

  • As experienced developer you will write code in C / C++ which runs across multiple platforms, e.g. Windows, Linux / Unix or MacOS. In certain cases you also have to deal with C#, Python or Bash.
  • You will assure a high quality of the developed software by creating unit- and integration tests.
  • You will be responsible for the architecture, design and implementation of new features and maintenance for existing ones.
  • You will be using the Atlassian technology stack (Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Artifactory, Bitbucket).

Keys to Hiring

The best developers find easy solutions for complex problems. They never guess, but gain deep understanding of their task first before implementing the solution. Good developers are well-organized, fast-implementing and always keep their promises. Good developers know cutting-edge technology in their field and are aware of modern tools. Good developers find solutions for tough challenges rather than saying that there is no solution. If good developers make mistakes, they learn out of it. Good developers do whatever it takes to deliver, e.g. doing test automation if this is required at the moment. The best developers are keen on learning new technologies and motivated to achieve their goals.


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