(Senior) Backend Developer (f/m/x)

The Challenge

The scope, volume and sophistication of new threats to our customers is relentless and on the steady increase. The only way to cope with this expanding threat landscape is to employ machine learning and automation. You will be part of the Protection Unit where research and development are focused on tackling this challenge and finding more effective ways to detect and categorize malicious software. In collaboration with researchers and developers, your goal is to create and improve automated solutions that boost the efficiency of our work and as a result ensure the highest degree of protection for our customers.

The Team

We are a self-organized team of seven software developers and AI researchers reporting to a team leader who has a strong machine learning background and extensive experience in software development.
Our goal is to protect our customers by researching and developing products that leverage machine learning to detect malicious software.
We develop technologies that automatically detect new threats and malware by analyzing binaries, documents and website contents. Our technologies are also used on mobile platforms.
The team handles the entire product life cycle; we design, develop, test and operate our products while bearing full responsibility for their quality. This is a very empowering and challenging experience.

What you will do

  • Researching and developing tools and practices that make our work as a team more efficient and therefore also more pleasant.
  • Collaborating with your team in researching and developing solutions to keep our existing machine learning systems maintainable and making them more effective.
  • Helping improve quality and reliability by writing automatic tests for new and existing code.
  • Maintaining a constantly high level of vigilance when monitoring the quality of our products, making sure they always meet their availability requirements (this includes being part of an on-call roster for our essential services.
The following skills will help you fulfill your responsibilities:

  • Extensive experience in programming with Python and leveraging its open source ecosystem (our code base is mainly Python 3.6+).
  • Fluency in English (knowledge of German or other languages is advantageous).
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Experience in writing automatic tests and adapting a code base for better testability.
  • Familiarity with Linux operating systems (as a user and ideally also as an administrator).
  • Experience with Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment.
This is just a glimpse into what your work will involve. As we are all aware, the only constant in our field is change. We can generally summarize the qualities we are looking for as follows:

A good developer ...

  • doesn't like to guess and always strives for a deeper understanding of the problem before implementing a solution.
  • finds easy solutions to complex problems.
  • knows the ecosystem their technologies exist in and is aware of modern tools.
  • is organized, goal-oriented and keen to honor their commitments.
  • makes mistakes and learns from them.
  • perseveres in finding solutions to tough challenges rather than falling at the first hurdle.
  • helps wherever the need arises, e.g. with improving the testing infrastructure if this is currently the most pressing problem.
  • is keen on learning and harnessing new technologies to achieve our goals.


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