Network Threat Researcher

The Challenge 

In the rapid evolving and changing threat landscape, the real challenge is to stay tune with new threats and malware variants and to contribute in providing detection as well.

You will cope with new infection techniques and uncover them to improve our detection capabilities. Moreover, you will also be learning about new technologies with the quickly varying dynamics in the threat security field.

Along with these, you will actively participate in providing valuable suggestions and share your knowledge and vision to shape our detection strategies and for overall improvements to strengthen our protection capabilities.

The Team

Being the first line of defense, and support the research experts in the Avira Protection Lab team to hunt the latest malware threats. The team is investigating in new infection methods and also provide detection as well to keep the protection level up-to-date.

The team covers detection on multiple (Windows, Linux, Android and Mac) OS platforms. In addition, you are responsible to keep pace with the cutting edge technology, implement and develop new tech detection modules or improve the current modules and mechanisms.

If you want to be a warrior in the Avira’s first line of defense, this is the RIGHT TEAM to join where you will fight against the different types of malware weapons and develop novel approaches to detect and prevent them.

What you will do: 

  • As a senior threat researcher in Avira Protection Lab, you will be focused on network traffic intelligence and threat detection.
  • You will be working on network analysis, enhance the already existing network detection modules, develop new detection modules, covering new trends and techniques to improve our threat detection capabilities.
  • You will be working to achieve these tasks through static, dynamic (or hybrid), content analysis or ML based techniques.
  • You have an in-depth knowledge of network layers and protocols. You have the knowledge to dig more into the network logs and extract indicators of compromise.
  • With your skills in threat hunting, you will identify the new threat vectors and protect our customers from latest vulnerabilities at network level.
  • You will use Avira’s vast database to hunt and detect latest and evolving attack trends of phishing, spear phishing, drive by downloads etc which are used to deliver undetected Zero day malware and to improve detection using powerful tech modules and frameworks.
  • Along with this, you will also be responsible to bring new ideas and tactics in our workflow and develop, automate and implement them to improve detection and defeat current and future threats.
  • You will be participating inter-teams technical discussions and will share your valuable knowledge and experience to help the whole Protection Unit to achieve the company’s goal and vision to protect people in the digital world.

Your Profile

The following qualification points will help you to fulfill your responsibilities
  • You have a degree in computer sciences (or related field) and the drive to expand your horizons every day.
  • Sound knowledge of network traffic intelligence
  • Based on your extensive knowledge of network layers and protocols, you will be able to make the right decisions when analyzing malicious network traffic.
  • Good knowledge of network security devices, network flows and ability to research on network logs
  • Experience in IPS/IDS modules Snort, Suricata, Bro etc
  • Experience with network traffic analysis tools to extract valuable indicators like Wireshark or TCPdump
  • Experience in hunting network attack vectors and using ML based techniques for network traffic analysis
  • Strong knowledge of scripting and programming languages like Python, C#, Perl, PowerShell or JavaScript to help you develop new detection technologies and services to categorize and classify malicious network traffic and its artifacts
  • You are a team player, but you are also able to solve challenges independently
  • Your high level of self-motivation will help you maintain focus
  • Your good English skills will enable you to communicate proficiently with our international colleagues.

Additional Skills
  • Knowledge of Windows internals, PE and non-PE file formats
  • Reverse Engineering skills using IDA, Olly or Windbg
  • Malware hunting and analysis tools on Windows platform to extract IOCs

Benefits and perks:

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How we hire

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